We have been designing, testing and comparing foils for quite some time now and we are very pleased with the results. Our Voodoo foils have been tested against all other foils that we know of, and have performed well in all conditions.

Voodoo foils are made using ultra high modulus carbon, with resin infusion which produces a super stiff and reliable foil. Each foil is fitted with a 2mm titanium barrel nut. They are hand-finished in white Durapox and will fit M2 verticals and can be adapted to fit most other popular Moths. All foils are supplied with a foil bag.

These foils are available to order now from our Moth Parts pages (Go to page)
They are hand made and finished to order so please allow two to three weeks lead time.
All Voodoo Foils will fit M2 verticals. They can adapted to fit most other popular Moths.